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Professional Services

Our experienced and certified cybersecurity consultants with various expertise are currently supporting many customers in private and public sectors.

We are very proud to achieve over 90% of customer satisfaction for the quality of our professional services.

We help you increase the security and reduce the cost.

We operate in the financial and industrial sectors to deliver:


Information Security Management
KYTL Security helps you to improve strategies within ISMS steadily. Activities such as defining the information security needs, measuring the results and implementing the strategies could be implemented actions to ensure the maintenance. Information Technology security (IT) are specified by the IOS 7498-2 standard. (ISO 2002)
Compliance Controls
KYTL Security helps its customers to elaborate and implement their policies, procedures, documentation, internal auditing, third party audits, security controls, and technological enforcement.
Vulnerability Management
KYTL Security offer cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities to its customers, in order to help them correcting vulnerabilities.
Risk Management
Our experts have the ability to manage risks depending on each client case.

Risk Advisor

Strategic RISK
KYTL Security help its clients to identify and control risks with a high impact on their strategy, we act on several levers: governance, strategy, reputation, crisis management and sustainable development.
Regular RISK
KYTL Security help its clients to meet the demands of a complex landscape while remaining flexible to adapt to a changing environment.
Efficient RISK
KYTL Security help its clients to control and manage their operations, third parties, data and projects.
Financial RISK
KYTL Security assists its clients in controlling their financial risks and managing their resources.
Sector Related RISK
Risks related to activity sector of clients are different and diversified. KYTL Security helps its clients depending on their activity sector to be more competitive with an optimal risk management strategy.
Cyber RISK
Cyber threats on businesses increased due to the highly interconnected Internationalization increase. therefore KYTL Security helps its clients to elaborate a strategic approach of vigilance and resilience in order to minimize risks.