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If companies always focus on their IT protection from external intrusions, are they suspicious of their own employees? Not always to believe some stories of recent years.
Although the enemy is often outside the company, the fact remains that the employees themselves can become real problems, to a greater or lesser extent. Of course, the biggest internal risks are made without the knowledge of the collaborator, because of his lack of technique and / or attention, but sometimes, the malicious act is actually knowingly.

KYTL Security offers the unavoidable support to its cutomers to keep their employees up to date with new security breach and hack methods like (phishing, social engineering, virus...)

You are a new graduated wishing to switch on IT security?
KYTL Security offers you a training programma that meets your needs.

You are already in IT security?
KYTL Security offers you a large choice of training to improve you talents in the way you want
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