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Our certifying training sessions cover a large number of standards. The certification exams are organized at the end of the training sessions delivered by the affiliated training organism (OFA or ATC – Affiliated Training Centers).

The training sessions are organized in two modules for each standard: the first module is called Foundation and the second module for practitioner or Auditor.

The combination of both modules allows the candidate to apply for the professional designation of “Lead Implementer” based on his level of competencies and experience.

For full list of provided Training Courses and Certificates, please contact us.

Information Security
• ISMS Foundation (ISO 27001)
• ISMS Practitioner (ISO 27001)
• ISMS Auditor (ISO 27001)
Information Technology — Security Techniques — Application Security
• SMSA Foundation (ISO 27034)
• SMSA Lead Implémenter (ISO 27034)
• SMSA Lead Auditor (ISO 27034)
Risk Management
• ISMS Risk Manager (ISO 27005)
• EBIOS 2019 Risk Manager
The Principles and Guidelines for Risk Management
• RM ISO 31000 Foundation
• RM ISO 31000 Risk Manager
Compliance Management
• CM ISO 19600 Foundation
• CM ISO 19600 Compliance Manager
Data Protection
• Data Protection Foundation
• Data Protection Officer
• SMVP ISO 27701 Foundation
• SMVP ISO 27701 Lead Auditor
• SMVP ISO 27701 Lead Implementer