Case Studies

Domain of mission : Energy

Within the client’s SOC team, our mission consists of:

– Automate processes with the objective of improving the industrialization of operations

– Assumption of the role of coordinator for the treatment and resolution of incidents on the scope of intervention of the SOC, with the operational teams, the CSIRT and the business security entities and the participation of the leader teams

– Active participation in improving SIEM detection and, if necessary, other complementary tools (varonis, IDS / IPS, etc.) including training or skills upgrading if necessary.

– Investigate cybersecurity events or anomalies outside the knowledge base.

– MCO security tools (IPS, Ironport, Varonis, etc.)

– Define and write incident management processes

– Inform the CSIRT and take into account their recommendations or questions in the response to incidents

Work in collaboration with the operators and all the members of the SOC in the resolution of security incidents but also in the continuous improvement of detection

Domain of mission : Energy

Services :

– Integration of more than 40 detection scenarios as well as investigation dashboards

– Improved incident detection and monitoring

– Processing of security alerts

– Vulnerability management

– Response to security incidents

– Support for the integration of a PAM and SOAR solution

Domain of mission : Bank

Services :

Within the client’s Network Security Architecture team, our mission consists of:

– Design and recommend the orientations of technologies and methodologies related to securing IS and cloud infrastructures.

– Ensure that security is taken into account from the design phase of “secured by design” projects.

– Set up and monitor long-term action plans following incidents reported by SOC teams.

– Manage security solutions that protect network infrastructures (anti-DDOS, administration bastion, access control, SIEM, Firewall compliance, etc.)

– Pilot the integration of security in various network projects in a multi-technological technical environment

– Support the businesses in large projects of information security in the cloud

– Manage integration projects for new platforms

– Support business teams (presentation of risks to the project committee, action plan, etc.).

Domain of mission : Bank

Services :

– Ensure the implementation of recommendations in the architectures of information systems are in line with the standards set.

– Analyze the risks relating to incoming projects.

– Guide the appropriate technical recommendations.

– Advise internal clients (business and IT).

– Ensure the consistency and sustainability of technological choices by integrating current or future projects.

– Guarantee the robustness, interoperability and compliance of the solutions to be deployed.

– Ensure proper mastery of solutions by operational teams.